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Program Features

Live 15 min session daily
Multiple slots to choose
Yoga, strength, mindfulness & more
Best-In class coaches

Why ACTIVBreak Works?

A lot looks different in 2020 - so should your employee health programs.
Support your population with:

  • 15 min sessions make healthy habits easy for everyone, everyday to follow.
  • Innovative routines every works.
  • Do away with tough to follow 60 mins sessions.
  • Get movementto combat our sedentary nature of work.
  • Balance body & mind.
  • Chill or wind down with colleagues.

Ready to recharge your employees?

Build Health Equity

There's one thing we can all agree on: Good health is a right, not a privilege. Create a truly inclusive organizational culture with India's leading coaches.


Short Yoga Routines

15 mins

Beginner Meditation Sessions

20 mins

Body Weight Exercises

15 mins

10 Min Dance Breakouts

15 mins

What business outcome can we help you achieve?

Build a wellness culture

Market leading engagement

Improve business performance

Reduce healthcare cost


Clients love it

More habit building interaction than other programs.


Daily engagement

Member expected to engage on average 15 days each month.


Member love it

80% members expected to report positive lifestyle changes.

Engaged employees.
Happy clients.
Business results.

10 fortune 500 companies. 70% engagement rates.